Application of Chopper

  1. Speed control of DC Motor.
  2. Positional control in robotics.
  3. Regulated power supply (SMPS).
  4. Input to Inverter.
  5. Solar Power Converter.

Step Down Chopper

Fig. 2 (a) Step Down Chopper

Fig.2 (b) Step Down Chopper
  • CH: – fully controlled switch
  • Operation: – Periodic
  • Time period: – T
  • Duty cycle: – Ton/T
  • Ton = DT
  • CH: – ON           Vo=Vs
  • CH: – OFF          Io=0/Vo=0

Buck Converter

Fig. 3 Buck Converter

S1 :- Fully Controlled Switch -MOSFET(high frequency)/IGBT/SCR + Commutation Circuit

S2:- Uncontrolled Switch – provides free wheeling action (due to L)

DC Motor load – Step down chopper with a freewheeling diode.

Fig. 4 (a) Buck Converter
  • SW:-ON  (0<t<DT)
  • Vo = Vs
  • Vs =
  • L :- charging
Fig. 4 (b) Buck Converter
  •  SW :- OFF (DT<t<T)
  • 0=
  • L:- discharging

Fig 4. (c)

Discontinuous Conduction

Fig. 5(a) Discontinuous Conduction
  • Current can become 0 for finite duration of time.
  • Boundary :- When current only for an instant of time.
fig 5(b) Discontinuous Conduction
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