In paramagnetic material magnetic dipoles already exist due to spin of unpaired electron in an atom. In paramagnetic material magnetic dipoles are randomly oriented but when magnetic field is applied such dipoles align parallel to external magnetic field.                              Due to positive susceptibility the flux density inside the paramagnetic material increases. In a paramagnetic material […]


Diamagnetic Material The materials that allow flow of magnetic field through them are called as Magnetic Materials. In Diamagnetic material there is no magnetism in the absence of external magnetic field. (Shown in fig. 1) When magnetic field is applied dipoles are induced and they orient in a direction opposite to external magnetic field. (As […]


Conducting Material Electrical Carbon Properties This material is made from graphite and other form of carbon. Conductivity of Carbon is less than Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) but its surface is smoother so it is used to make brushes in a Electrical Machine. Carbon brushes are graphited or heat treated to increase conductivity and reduce […]


Conducting Material (Cu vs Al) •Electrically Conducting Material :- This materials carry current in an electrical machine. •Highly Conducting Material :- Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Silver. •Highly resistive material:- Alloys (heating elements)             Now,    R=Ro(1+αΔT) Where α= temperature coefficient of resistance ΔT= Change in temperature of per degree Celsius ΔT= Change in temperature of per degree […]