In paramagnetic material magnetic dipoles already exist due to spin of unpaired electron in an atom.


In paramagnetic material magnetic dipoles are randomly oriented but when magnetic field is applied such dipoles align parallel to external magnetic field.


Due to positive susceptibility the flux density inside the paramagnetic material increases.

In a paramagnetic material magnetic field lines converge away from each other.

Example:- Potassium (K), Oxygen (O), Tungsten and rare earth metal

                               μr = 1 (diamagnetic and paramagnetic material)

  • These substances are freely attracted by magnet.
  • They obey curie law and loose their magnetic property with rise in temperature.
  • Susceptibility has small but positive value.
  • Permeability is more then unity.
  • Intensity of magnetization has a small and positive value.
  • When paramagnetic substance is placed in a magnetic field, it weakly magnetized in the direction of magnetic field.
  • When paramagnetic rod freely suspended in air in uniform magnetic field , it align itself in the direction parallel to the field.
  • When placed in non uniform field it moves from weaker to strong field.
  • The line of magnetic force prefer to pass through this Paramagnetic material rather than air.
  • Materials whose atoms posses permanent dipole moment are paramagnetic in nature.
  • In absence of permanent magnetic field the atomic dipoles are randomly oriented such that net magnetization is zero.
  • But when we apply the external magnetic field this dipole tends to align themselves in the direction of external magnetic field production so that the net magnetization in the direction of magnetic field intensity and positive susceptibility.
  • The magnitude of alignment of atomic dipole with external field direction is limited by temperature.
  • Because as we increase the temperature, thermal agitation of atom is increases due to which magnetization is decreases.





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