Diamagnetic Material

The materials that allow flow of magnetic field through them are called as Magnetic Materials.

Fig 1. No Dipoles in absence of magnetic material
  • In Diamagnetic material there is no magnetism in the absence of external magnetic field. (Shown in fig. 1)
Fig2. Dipoles in Presence of magnetic material

  • When magnetic field is applied dipoles are induced and they orient in a direction opposite to external magnetic field. (As in Fig.2)


   Ability of dipoles to align when magnetic field is applied.

Susceptibility (X)

Susceptibility (X) is a measure of material to get magnetized when external magnetic field is applied.

M & H are opposite

X < 0

Relative Permeability (μr)

Relative Permeability of a material is related to ability of material to allow magnetic field line to pass through it.


Where μo = Permeability of free space

                    = 4π∗10^(-7)   H/m


                   μ< μo

Magnetic Flux Density (B)

  • B represents the closeness of magnetic field lines to each other

B= μ∗H

   μ< μo                                             

    Bair > Bdiamagnetic material

•In a diamagnetic material magnetic field lines diverge away from each other

•Example:- Copper  (Cu), Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), Gold and Diamond

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